Friday, June 30, 2006

Migraine and more rain.

Waking up with a migraine sucks. I knew before I even opened my eyes in the morning that I had one. My dreams were full of weird scenarios of pain and head injury. I rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom to pour cold water over my face. It provided some relief, but only for a moment. For anyone who has never had a migraine, I'm not sure my words can do it justice. It's not mearly a headache, but a naseaous, painfilled trip. All the normal things make it hurt worse. The sound of the tv, the smell of, well, anything. That, of course, will start the vomiting, but nobody wants to hear about that. It's a pretty shitty way to start the day.

I had to get the girls to swim lessons , so I took a long, very hot shower and got them there only a few minutes late. We may have been on time, but did you ever notice how little girls can never just walk to the car and get in? They have to twirl and skip to the car. They have to stop for every dandelion and beetle (EEEW! A BUG! LOOK MAMA!). They can't possible open the car door and get in with out jumping and missing and falling and noticing more bugs and flowers while they're on the ground. And just when you're totally about to lose your mind, they hand you some ratty little buttercup with practically no stem and say "This is for you Mama. Isn't it pretty?" Oy. Normally it would all be very cute and lovely, but today- not so much.

It was steamy and miserable out. I was standing there watching Lila practice kicking. She's a little shy and the teacher kept asking her if she wanted to try kicking across the shallow end with a noodle. Lila would shake her head no and just hold the edge. "She's never going to do it if you don't make her!" I wanted to scream. But I didn't. I decided instead to drink my Diet Pepsi and eat a few crackers. It helped me some. Pretty soon Lila's class was done and it was Jasmine's turn to practice diving. Lila and I sat and ate crackers and alternated between watching Jasmine and the baby swim class. The babies were so darn cute. I used to take Lila to the same class.

The rest of the afternoon was kind of a waste. The migraine had abated some(after copius amounts of advil), but not enought to make me feel anything but worthless. The girls splashed in the kiddie pool for awhile, but then it started to thunder and rain. We are so sick of the rain, I can't even tell you. We've exhausted our paint and glue stick supply. My house now has more original works of art than MOMA.

It rained on and off for the rest of the day. When it was all done for the night there was such a cool breeze. It was refreshing and my head started to hurt less and less. We went outside and found a beautiful rainbow.

I'm hoping today to get to the playground. These kids need to run and play and get dirty. With any luck it won't rain tonite and we'll be able to have a T-Ball game. My husband is the luckiest damn T-Ball coach ever. We've only had a handfull of games in the month and a half season because of the rain. Mosquitos be damned, we could use an evening at the ball field. Cross your fingers for me!


Blogger greekchickie said...

I hope the rainbow put a smile on your face. Oh yes, I know exactly how you feel having migraines. Ugh.


9:56 AM  
Anonymous Oz said...

Good luck! It looks like the rain cleared out of here yesterday, so hopefully it will be done with you guys up north by today!

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Cindy said...

You need an ablation!!!
I know Migraines and how they feel, but no more since my ablation!!

No more rain either!!
Tell Lilie Grace that if all goes well on Wednesday afternoon,we can go up to the pool swimming!!!


2:39 PM  
Blogger furyouhin said...

ow. have you ever tried imitrex? i haven't had a migraine in a few years but used to get them now and then, thought it worked really well. (sorry, didn't mean to sound like a TV advert, "I'm not a doctor, I just play one on Blogger.")

9:33 PM  

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