Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Wal-Mart has decided to not sue Debbie Shank for the money in her trust fund. Public pressure caused them to re-evaluate the case and change their mind on how to proceed. Congratulations to everyone who emailed Wal-Mart and forced them to reconsider.

I'm happy that the right thing happened here, but it's still a sad story. I wonder how far the $417,00 will go when it comes to Debbie's care and what will happen when it runs out. And it's terribly sad, as one of my smart commenters posted, that the laywers ended up with more money than Debbie or Wal-Mart.

Small victories- I'll take them where ever I can.

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Blogger Marianna said...

This is unbelieveably sad...


4:14 AM  

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