Friday, January 13, 2006

A Quick Note of Thanks....

I just wanted to quickly thank NUGGET for sparing mine and Lila's lives today. You see, Lila and I walk to school every day. And every day we wait patiently at the crosswalk for someone to stop and let us cross. Today, after waiting for three or four cars to pass, a nice man stopped for us. NUGGET was behind this nice man and apparently had many important things to do today. So important that he actually he veered around the car stopped at the crosswalk so he could keep going. Thankfully, he saw me and my five year old in the middle of the street and decided to wait his turn.

So, thank you NUGGET for letting us live.

You asshole.


Blogger foxymama said...

You know, I've seen that car around town before. I hope he ends up embedded in a telephone pole or something...

9:42 PM  

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