Thursday, May 17, 2007

Of course, that means no more poopy diapers either. Ha!

The warm weather has brought on one of my favorite times of year - yard sale season. I just love picking through all the junk and finding something good. That's how I started my collection of vintage Pyrex bowls. Of course, I have to distract my sister and my mom from them first. Usually an "Ooh, look over there! Jewelry!" will send them off in the wrong direction. Hey, you snooze, you loose, right?

This Saturday was beautiful and sunny. A perfect day to do some spring cleaning. Yeah, everyone was thrilled here, too. I was able to get rid of so much stuff. The kids were at my mom's house so I threw all kinds of crappy toys in the trash. I was able to give a ton of stuff away, too. My husband dragged all of Violet's baby stuff out of the basement and I cleaned it up so we could stick it by the side of the road with a free sign on it. As I was standing there cleaning that highchair, I got to thinking about how many times I'd done that before. I got the chair as a baby shower gift when I was pregnant with Lila. The girls from the office chipped in and bought it for me. It was really nice, one of the expensive ones. I always tried to take good care of it. I washed it up at least three times a day for meals, and all the little in between times for ice creams, painting, and whatever other messes that babies made while contained.

I remember thinking what a pain in the ass it was when the thing got dirty. The pad and cover would have to be removed and washed. The tray scrubbed, the seat scrubbed out. It got to the point that I loathed cleaning that highchair. I was so glad to move it to the basement and get Lila in a booster chair at the table.

I don't think I even gave the highchair another thought until I found out we were having Violet. Then I did a mental inventory of our baby stuff and remembered it was in the basement. I was glad we had saved the highchair. It held up so well through Lila's babyhood that we could certainly use it again for Violet. And soon enough, we were. I wish I could say that my feelings about cleaning it had changed, but they didn't. The first day that I had to scrub peaches and baby cereal out of all the grooves I thought "Right, I remember. This sucks."

I washed it up at least three times a day for meals, and all the little in between times for ice creams, painting, and whatever other messes that babies made while contained.

Saturday, I washed it up for the last time. It went home with somebody else. Some other baby will spill spaghetti sauce and pudding all over it and some other mom will clean it up.

I won't miss the scrubbing, but it's an end of an era. No more babies in this house. I knew that after Violet was born, of course. We made the choice and had the surgery to ensure that fact. Some how putting all that stuff outside for other moms to use with their babies just drove it home. Made it real. Final. Fact.

No more babies for us.

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Blogger greekchickie said...

If you end up preggers next week, I'm gonna laugh at that last statement. :P

I keed, I keed!

Ok, I'm so glad to know that humanity is NOT like my step-monster. When she would get "tired" of the high chairs, strollers, cribs, etc, she would go purchase a brand new one of whatever, and then box up the old one, and return the old one. Not kidding. Sometimes dirty. She's mental.


3:57 PM  
Anonymous blondesoul said...

OK, next time you go flea marketing or yard saleing (sp) I want to go!! We still haven't gotten my Prada bag yet, either. The sister that lives the farthest away is usually forgotten....I want my Prada bag!!

5:30 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

M, if that was a jinx, I may have to beat you with the old port-a-crib sitting outside my house right now!
Your step-monster is completely nuts. I can't believe she never got caught.

Steph, if you want to come to our town for 8:30am on a Saturday you are more than welcome! It would be nice to have someone in the car who can read a map. And I swear, we haven't been to the flea market yet this season, but we are going to need a bus when we do go. Everyone wants their fake designer bags!

5:57 AM  
Blogger Stacie said...

It's funny how even though you've made the decision already it's not really hit home till you get rid of the 'stuff'. Same thing for me. Though DH and I made the decision a VERY long time ago not to have any more kids, I didn't really think of it as final even after I had him neutered until I got spayed. My kids were in their teens by then, and we had no desire to have anymore, but when I got home after my surgery, I was like..oh more kids for us...

8:44 AM  

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