Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Random thoughts.......

I think I need to buy a cow. Seriously. Or maybe Hood can just fill a tank in my basement like the oil man does. It would be so much easier for me. We go through a gallon of milk every two days. But if I buy two at a time, no one drinks it. A conundrum for sure.

Lila has moved up a level in swim class. That means she has to spend some time in the deep end. Every class, she has to jump in the 10 foot and then tred water. She's always the last one in, her nerves getting the better of her. She finally jumps and it seems like days before she comes back up and clings to the edge. Then she swims across the deep end to the other side and treds water. At this point, my chest is ready to explode because I finally realize that I have been holding my breath since she left the shallow end. The safe end. The end she can touch in. I hate watching her in the deep end.

Elderly people are great and all, but I really think the grocery stores need Elderly Hour shopping time. A time when they can just go in by themselves and shop to their hearts content. This would be a great way for the stores to get rid of all the Granny Annie sized jars of peanutbutter and Ovaltine. It could be at like 5am, they're all up early anyway right? Oooh, better yet a Family Grocer that had a huge jungle gym in the middle where you could drop off your kid to play while you shop. Our grocery store used to do Wine Sample Fridays. That was nice.

We may also need a wheat field. I can't seem to buy loaves of bread often enough. We are constantly out of bread.

Carrie, my daughter's swim teacher really needs to pull her bathing suit down. I tired of seeing her butt cheeks. I look at her butt cheeks more than my own. I've started bringing books to swim lessons.

I have not practiced Lila's reading with her yet this summer. I've read to her but not practiced her reading to me. I promised my self we would do it at least 3 times a week. Aren't the little promises you make to your self just precious? Ahhh, noble thoughts.