Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Migraines Suck Ass!

Wow. It's been awhile since I've posted anything. There's no particular reason for that other than the oppressive summer heat that zapped all my desire to do anything and the fact that the kids kept nagging me to make them food and take them outside.

At the moment, all three girls are at school. Violet will need to be picked up soon, but the momentary peace and quiet is nice. Especially since I got up this morning with a raging migraine. It's still here, but the debilitating nausea is slowly going away.

So while I work on a fulfilling post, here's a few highlights:

-Remember Message in a Bottle guy? My brother in law called the number. Turns out the dude's name is Sean. He's a twenty-something pervo from Massachusetts and he throws those bottles all the time.

-After three years of trying, Jasmine has finally made it on a team sport. She'll be playing Field Hockey this fall. Her first game is this afternoon.

-Lila has had this terrible cough for about three weeks. She coughs so hard she pukes. Last Friday nite, the kid could hardly breathe with out a coughing fit. The doctors wouldn't see her. They said it sounded pretty typical and call back if she actually can't breathe. Oh, and I shouldn't be giving her any over the counter cough medicines because they no longer believe in them. Fuckers. She got her Triaminic Night Time Cough and Cold anyway. She had to sleep a little.

Ok, I've got to go ice my head and eat some more excedrine. I hate migraines.