Thursday, December 04, 2008

Miracle Worker

Sometimes, I can perform miracles. Not in the traditional sense, mind you, but miracles in their own right. For instance, take the playroom:

This is after a play date that lasted a few hours.

It's pretty amazing what 3 little girls can do to a room or two.

Let me tell you, I avoided those rooms all day. I actually hid in the kitchen so wouldn't have to face it. But sooner or later, the job had to be done so I rolled up my sleeves and dug in. I did find some interesting things among the chaos.

These are surely Lila's rocks. Violet crams hers in her pockets and they end up tumbling around my washer or dryer.

This must be from Violet's back pack.

I guess they played school. Yes, those are a balled up pair of undies next to the papers. I don't want to know what happened there.

So three hours and a bag and a half of trash later I was able to produce this:

It's not water to wine but it's definitely more practical.

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